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Tellman Knudson
 -- Tellman Knudson & Rick Burdo 

When you join The Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series™ you'll learn these secrets ...

  • How Tellman Knudson took his company Overcome Everything, Inc. from zero to 2.5 million a year in under 2 years. And how he broke the record for most earned in a single phone call, raking in a whopping 1 million dollars in
    only 63 minutes!

  • Pat Marcello is working for a young marketing guru, writing blogs and articles. She is also adept at search engine optimization (SEO), and Prodject Manager for the ListBuilding Club.
  • Kyle Battis is the Marketing and Affiliate Manager of Tellman's company Overcome Everything and drives HUGE amounts of traffic to Tellman's sites with his "Strategic Alliance Secrets" Make sure you take notes when he teaches you about the "golden rule" that drives automatic qualified traiffic with no effort at all!
  • Brian T. Edmondson is the chief video instructor for The List Building Club at Overcome Everything, Inc., Brian knows secrets about content creation that let him make and launch products in DAYS, not weeks. (If he lets you in on how he made 15K in seven days, then you better pay attention!)
  • Michael Purvis operates a number of Traffic Generation sites and develops Marketing Tools and systems to help online business people succeed . His secret knowledge of adsense and ebay marketing made him one of the most sought out up-and-comers of 2008...
  • Jeff Mills having Sold over $2 Million Dollars of products, services and home based business products since 2003, Jeff will teach you how to really make money from home, and FAST.
  • Corey Lewis a student of Tellman's and creator of the "Easy Tech Videos" membership site that teaches beginners to online marketing how to quickly and easily get a website online and understand the "Technical" side of internet marketing. (He'll show you how you can fire your webmaster, and do it all yourself without stress or headaches!)
  • Don Griffth works with One of the Top Producers in the Internet Marketing Industry. Don went from installing car stereos to making millions so I followed what he showed me and I started getting incredible results...faster than I ever had before. I used his method and built a list of over 40,000 people in 5 weeks and generated an additional $20,000 of revenue stream at the same time.
  • Erik Stafford launched 'The Faster Webmaster' in early 2007, and has been helping people get started building online businesses ever since the 2000.
  • Hollis Carter Currently owns and operates a powerful social networking platform that operates hundreds of social networking websites. Big name marketers routinely 'beat down his door' for his info-product launch secrets...
  • Jordan Hall is a relative newcomer to the Internet Marketing scene though he's been a student of Internet Marketing and marketing in general for over 7 years. And you'll never believe the bombshell he's got in store for you...
  • Reed Floren started with Internet Marketing as a teenager and has built his business to quite a large following. Since then, he's become a total facebook master, and wants to teach you his top-secret social strategy!
  • Dave Woodward has been flying around the country and filming the top internet marketers in the world for an "MTV Cribs / Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous" style show! He has been in their houses, talked with their families and SEEN what really happens behind the scenes! (will he spill his guts about the nitty gritty details that created those millions, sign up now to find out!)

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